optional accessories

Intelligent Spraying FPV + LED Light
Terrain Following Radar
Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Autonomous Spraying Waypoint Marking Device
Ground Station App / Software + Radio Telemetry
Continuous Spraying Extra Batteries
Extra Charger
Multifunction Granule Spreader

Intelligent Spraying:

FPV: First Person View
Sprayer drones with FPV camera, can help to view the situaion of the drones, for example the obstacle at front, and trees below.
LED light: Can help to spray at night
Flowmeter: Sensor, alert when pesticide run out.
Terrain Following Radar: Keep certain height above crops.
Obstacle Avoidance Radar: Detect obstacle at front.

FPV Camera + LED Light

LED Light


Terrain Following Radar

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Autonomous Spraying:

Waypoints Marking Device: Save your current GPS location as a marker on the map of App.
Radio Telemetry: To control drones by Ground Control Station Software installed on computer, and get full autonomous flight.

Waypoints Marking Device

Radio Telemetry

Autonomous flight controlled by Android App on mobile.

Continuous Spraying:

In order to work continuously, you need extra batteries and extra charger.
10 units of extra batteries and 1 units of extra charger are recommended.

Extra Batteries

Extra 8-way Charger

Extra 4-way Charger


Granule Spreader: Competent for seed spreading, feed spreading, fertilizer scattering, etc.

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