optional accessories

FPV Fixed Camera + Image Transmission
7" Screen + Tripod + Battery + Sunshade
Intelligent Spraying Flowmeter
Terrain Following Radar
Autonomous Spraying Waypoint Marking Device
Ground Station App / Software + Radio Telemetry
Continuous Spraying Extra Batteries
Extra Charger
Multifunction Granule Spreader


FPV: First Person View
Sprayer drones with FPV, can help us to view the situaion of the drones, for example the obstacle at front, and trees below.
Fixed Camera: simple camera to view.
Image Transmission: transfer image to screen on ground.
7" Screen + Tripod + Battery + Sunshade: display the drones` view on screen.

optional accessories
Fixed Camera + Image Transmission

optional accessories
7" Screen + Tripod + Battery + Sunshade

optional accessories

optional accessories
How to assemble FPV screen

optional accessories
How to scan image on FPV screen?
PS: we have done this before shipment
The button can press, and also can push in four directions: up, down, left and right.
Firstly, press button, a popup menu will display, choose the first line, it will scan signal automatically.
When clear image appears, push button to left, 
Finally, choose "Exit".

Intelligent Spraying:

Flowmeter: Sensor, alert when pesticide run out.
Terrain Following Radar: Keep certain height above crops.

optional accessories

optional accessories
Terrain Following Radar

optional accessories
Agriculture drone with terrain following rador

Autonomous Spraying:

Waypoints Marking Device: Save your current GPS location as a marker on the map of App.
Radio Telemetry: To control drones by Ground Control Station Software installed on computer, and get full autonomous flight.

optional accessories
Waypoints Marking Device

optional accessories
Radio Telemetry

optional accessories
Autonomous flight controlled by Android App on mobile.

Continuous Spraying:

In order to work continuously, you need extra batteries and extra charger.
10 units of extra batteries and 1 units of extra charger are recommended.

optional accessories
Extra Batteries

optional accessories
Extra 8-way Charger

optional accessories
Extra 4-way Charger


Granule Spreader: Competent for seed spreading, feed spreading, fertilizer scattering, etc.

optional accessories

optional accessories

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