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Aerial cinema & photography
Unique shots and perspectives
In recent years, the use of aerial photography and videography for marketing and advertising purposes has increased exponentially. The most common examples of aerial imagery are automotive commercials, sports coverage and aerial takes in movies.
The major issue with aerial imagery is cost. Most aerial imagery is recorded with helicopters, which is very expensive. Common applications such as mapping, marketing and documentary used to cost thousands of euros, with helicopter prices ranging from 3500 to 6000 euros for only two hours.
Unmanned aircraft systems provide a great alternative to helicopters in that they can provide images from similar altitudes, with gyro stabilized cameras and modular platforms at a fraction of the costs.  Apart from the costs, another key reason to work with UAS is independence from other parties. Owners can now choose when to fly, how to fly and how long to fly without having to confer with other parties. As a result, creative professionals have seen an increase in their potential audience.

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