surveillance drone with night vision thermal infrared camera

surveillance drone with night vision camera

surveillance drone with night vision thermal infrared camera

thermal infrared camera

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Surveillance entails the close observation of a person, infrastructure, group, behaviour, activities or other for the purpose of influencing managing, directing or protecting them. There are several types of surveillance, such as stake outs, GPS tracking, and camera observation.
A common issue in traditional surveillance is that the observation is limited by the stationary position of the camera. Cameras are usually fixed on street corners or have to be handled manually by surveillance staff. Although aerial surveillance with helicopters is a good alternative, it is unfortunately a costly solution.
A novel solution to these problems is applying unmanned aircraft systems to facilitate easier, faster and cheaper data collection. The advantage of unmanned systems is that they provide overviews which normally require several cameras, can enter narrow and confined spaces and produce little noise. The unmanned systems can also be equipped with night vision cameras and heat sensors to provide imagery that human eyes cannot. This solution can dramatically increase the applicability, improve the quality and decrease the costs of surveillance.

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